I had forgotten about this blog until just now!

I  just serendipitously re-discovered this blog!


Many of the links on the older posts here probably are nolonger functional.
I have so many projects going that I really have no time  to blog here and may not for a while.

Below are a couple of the projects I am currently working on and a few links to my other pages and content,. I plan to add Many photos of the Smoky Mountains on some site Very soon.  I will link those here  also …

Two Nations the Movie
I am rebuilding  my oldest website, among others which was wiped out  along with all the backups !

Stan Williams Music

I am also rebuiding about  7 other websites that were also eradicated.
I have All New hosting now, and I  will keep my Own backups this time!
Live and learn eh?

Some more links:

Stan’s Facebook Page

Personal Facebook   Feel free to  add me if you want.

Soundcloud  Mine and other friends music is on this page.


SevierCounty.us   A website I hope to finish very soon about the Smoky Mountains,  East Tennessee, particularly the Sevierville, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge areas.

If you are reading this, Thanks for visiting this blog!
I will save the link and  try to update it more often in the future!
— SW

Computer Help tips and Tutorials, from everyday tasks, to security and malware removal

Update.  October 25th, 2015

The link below and most older posts here  are old and some no longer functional.
This website was recently wiped out, along with 8 other sites I owned.
I was way too busy to rebuild them all , for  Ii am  working on a Movie and various  other projects, so I chose to just rebuild the  main sites,  and  so I let the domain name  stanssongs.com expire.  I deactivated the link and I  will leave this,just for memories …


This blog is just getting started, I plan to add to this site soon with tutorials , tips, and help for computers.
From Windows ®  to Linux,  I have lots of material assembled as soon as time allows for finishing this site.
Thanks for visiting, please check back
Thanks! .

My other self hosted WordPress blog:

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